I love Christmas and figuring out how to decorate on the cheap. I live in a subtropical area, so snow and window frost never comes this way.

I had a new idea for making window frost I just wanted to share with you all because it is so simple and yet looks so real.

Take a fine mist sprayer of water (the finer the better) and lightly spray the edges of the window you'd like to frost (for simplicity and ease of cleaning later, I only do the bottom and a little up the sides of the frame).

It is best to aim the sprayer right at the frame as it leaves a more natural looking frost on the glass. Wipe the frame (not the glass, of course). Take baby powder (or any kind of white powder, maybe corn starch or flour would work but I never tried it). Put some in your hands ( teaspoon? tablespoon?) and blow little spurts of powder on the window where you have sprayed.

That's it. It looked so real, I couldn't believe it. Clean up is ten times easier than the store bought stuff. Just wipe it off.

Keep in mind, when the powder hits the water it dissolves, and some of it you won't be able to see till it dries (which will leave a sorta' translucent white). I blew powder over the general area and then blew a few thick bursts here and there that was visible to the eye. When it dries, you'd swear your window has just frosted over. (you'll need to wipe up the extra powder from around the edges of the frame and any that spills on the floor).

My wife thought it was a little messy, but after I wiped up, she surely enjoyed the results. The look is so real, I think I'll be doing it every year now. My kids even drew pictures and stuff in it-- which meant I had to explain to them that it was a decoration, and then do it all over again. It was so easy to wipe up an do again--unlike the store bought stuff.

Merry Christmas