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Thread: Gift Cards for Christmas!!

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    Gift Cards for Christmas!!

    I know gift cards make shopping for everyone on your list easier... if you noticed Safeway family stores (Vons, Dominick's, Randall's, etc.) have "Gift Card Mall" display in their store and they also carries over 300 gift cards from all top stores like macy's and best buy. I think that's a great idea that we could shop for groceries shopping while we picking gifts for the holiday ..What do you guys think???

    Happy Holiday!

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    walmart has a spot where you can also get gift cards to local restaurants in their stores. but I like that idea. I would like to be able to do most of my shopping in one place.
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    onemagicalchristmas ~ yeah.. especially when we're busy with work and family things, going to the mall during the holiday season can be areal time burner..
    Oww.. I never knew Wal-mart offers restaurants gift card.. but at Safeway family stores have more selections, from electronics, books, clothings and even iTunes.. and I also can earn gas rewards, saving some $$ to fill up my tank.. HA! life does get easier..
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