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    Planning Ahead

    With Spring just around the corner...Before we know it Christmas will be upon us again...Have you got any plans to make Christmas 2017 even better...I would love to hear what you have planned for Christmas 2017

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    No new plans this year. I had a new house to decorate last Christmas - so I will just be "fine tuning" what I did last year!
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    Last year, I lined my driveway and mulch beds with C9 lights. As good as it looked, I had three different people back over them with their cars, causing me to have to replace the entire strand of lights each time. This year I'm trying to come up with an alternative use for the lights. I'll probably still line the mulch beds with lights, but I'd like to put them on the edge of the roof near the gutters, too.

    I'm looking for a 4'-6' tree to put in the nursery for my grandson this year at our house. I want to start a new tradition with him, decorating "his" tree with his ornaments and lights. He may be too small for it this year, but I want to get it started so he'll hopefully remember it next year.

    I also want to add to my Department 56 Christmas Vacation collection this year to make that display a little larger.

    That's what I've come up with so far. I know I'll probably add more things I'd like to do over the coming months!
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