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Thread: Are Christmas cards a thing of the past

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    Are Christmas cards a thing of the past

    I would like to hear if you guys have been noticing the past few years their are a huge decline in family and friends receiving christmas cards...Is it getting to the stage that sending christmas cards are a thing of the past.

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    Yes it's been declining for the last 15 years. I used to receive cards from almost everyone I sent to. Now I get about 45 to 50 cards and send about 65 - down from a high of 110! It really makes me sad, but i have been eliminating people from my list once I go 3 years without receiving a card in return. There are several people I've noticed who send cards every other year. Miss it terribly!
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    This is a tradition that's unfortunately fading away fast. We still send out around 85-90, and we usually receive about 50.
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    Yes. Between my family and friends I send out about 50-60 and I only get back between 40-50.. So those who don't send back 2 years in a row, I stop sending starting the 3rd year. It tells me they just are not interested. and I'm ok with that.
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