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Thread: The Perfect Gift for Christmas this year...

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    The Perfect Gift for Christmas this year...

    If you really want to know what to buy everyone on your list, tell everyone on your list to go to My family uses every Christmas because we have a huge family and everybody buys for everybody else. The problem used to be: Nobody knew what anyone else really wanted. But with - problem solved. It's like a message board but instead of posting messages, we post our Christmas lists.

    Now everybody gets things they really want, but more importantly we all know we're giving something that somebody else really wants.

    My family can't do Christmas without it anymore. It's totally free. They don't even make you give them your email.

    When I showed my family how it worked, I became a hero. If you have a lot of people to buy for, or even if you don't and you're just clueless about what to buy anybody, you gotta check out You'll be a hero too.

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    :gingerbread: Thanks!

    I love that tip. I signed up for it and sent an intro to all my family. It will come in handy for the holidays this year.

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    I need to get my mom and dad more comfortable in using the 'net for that. Good idea.

    Someone somewhere loves ya!

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