Since I have posted instructions on how to post and uplaod photos a number of times on the forums, I decided to make a separate thread about it so everyone can hopefully find it easier...

There are two ways you can post photos: You can attach a picture to a post or create a photo album on here to display multiple photos.

How to attach a photo to a post:

  • After you write your post, scroll down to the Additional Options box below.
  • Under Attach Files, click on Manage Attachments.
  • You can find a file by clicking on Browse beside Upload File from your Computer.
  • Find the correct photo file, then click Upload.
  • This will attach the photo to the post you have written.
How to create a photo album:
  • Go to your User Control Panel by clicking on User CP on the top toolbar.
  • On the left side under Networking there is a Pictures & Albums link.
  • Click on the Pictures & Albums link.
  • On this screen you will see a link titled Add Album.
  • Create a title and description for your new album and click Submit.
  • The next screen will show your album's name and description and there will be a link that says Click here to upload pictures!
  • Click on that link and browse for photos on your computer. You can upload three photos at a time.
  • Once you have selected your photos, click on Upload Pictures.
  • After your pictures are uploaded you can give them captions and set one for the album cover.
  • Make sure you click Save Changes and your photos will be added to your album.
Hope that helps! Let me know if you need more assistance.