Hey everyone! Here are a bunch of really simple ways to make edible decorations. They're all very fun and kids seem to love them. I recommend adult supervision as some involve sharp knives,cocktail sticks,etc, but they're definitely worth the time!


Marshmallow Garland
With a sharp knife cut a role of cling film into three sections to form ribbons,each about 10cm wide. Stretch out the ribbon and place marshmallows every 5cm. Twist the plastic ribbon and secure the sections between the marshmallows with strips of coloured or metallic tape.

Jellydrop Stars
(For bigger stars use fruit pastels!)
You will need large and small jellydrops,cocktail sticks and long hairpins.Push eight cocktail sticks around a large jellydrop and a ninth one in the centre. Add small jellydrops in a variety of colours to the end of the cocktail sticks. Push the ends of a long hairpin into the centre of the large jellydrop as the hanger to slip over the ends of the tree branches.

Polo Chain
Cut two pieces of gold cord slightly longer than you want your chain to be. the triick is to get the sweets to lie flat. This is done by weaving the two cords in and out over alternate sides of each ring. it takes about three rolls of sweets for a metre of sweet chain.

Popcorn garland
The simplest of all! Buy a bag of popcorn. With a needle, thread the popcorn onto some thread, piercing the popcorn through the middle. remember to tie the ends and enjoy!

String them up all over your Christmas trees, stair banisters, bedrooms, everywhere for truly delectable decorations! Have fun!