Hello All!

Does anyone remember the "Douglas Fir" by Gemmy?

I have been on the lookout for the "Douglas Fir" that Gemmy put out a few (I should say SEVERAL) years ago, and I have gotten very lucky lately!

I was originally looking for the "Douglas Fir Talking Christmas Tree" (the one that would let you plug in and play a cassette tape and he would sing along with it). I found one, but he doesn't work very well. I am going to take him apart and see if I can fix him... ( I was hoping to hack him for some sort of Halloween display)

Anyways, on my ventures at various thrift stores, I found a "Douglas and Connie Fir" set for $5. These things are cute as Christmas itself! (and they both work perfectly!!!) They are a bit smaller than the original Douglas, but they sure work great! (not going to hack these, gonna keep them around for a while...) :D

I can't wait to see what the kids at work have to say about them!!

I guess what I am saying in this post is, I am SOOO HAPPY to not only find the thing I was looking for, but to find a set of 2 at the same time! What a score!!!