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Snow is the best part about winter (aside from Christmas of course!).

The snow has steadily been declining year by year here. Our Decembers and Januarys have gotten pretty warm, which of course usually prevents us from having a white Christmas. When I was a kid we'd have a foot or more in December. I suppose it must be the global warming. It's too bad. But we still get more than you guys (thank God!). I'm sad hearing about your dusting. lol I love warm weather, but I could never deal with a winter without snow. Maybe I'll eventually have to move up to Canada.

Marshmallow World, did you used to live someplace else, where you shoveled at night with the lights on? Or did Indiana used to get more snow?
I don't know if it's warmer here, but my husband bought a snowblower. So when it does snow, he's the one who goes out. I have spent most of my life in warmer states, but I seem to be able to take the cold better than I can take heat. We've lived here for about twenty years and plan on staying.