Hallmark just released their FIRST LOOK at the 2014 set of Star Trek inspired Christmas Ornaments.

• “The Devil in the Dark” — Mr. Spock attempts a Vulcan mind meld to communicate with the silicon-based life form known as a Horta in an ornament by Keepsake artist Valerie Shanks. Inspired by the episode of The Original Series, the ornament plays dialogue from this iconic scene. The ornament is 4 1/2” long and battery-operated (batteries included). It sells for $29.95.

• Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu — The versatile and reliable helmsman operates a tricorder and communicator in this ornament sculpted by Keepsake artist Anita Marra Rogers. Sulu is the fifth in a Keepsake Ornament series titled Star Trek Legends, which each year features a TOS character. The ornament is 4 ¼” high and costs $14.95.

• Vina — This limited-quantity ornament celebrates the 50th anniversary of the production start of “The Cage,” Star Trek’s first pilot. It depicts the human woman as a dancing Orion slave girl as seen by Captain Christopher Pike in a Talosian-induced illusion. Sculpted by Keepsake artist Valerie Shanks, Vina stands 4” high and sells for $14.95.

• U.S.S. Vengeance — Keepsake Ornaments’ first starship from the 2013 feature film Star Trek: Into Darkness joins the line in 2014. This rendition of the Federation Dreadnought-class ship that met its end in San Francisco lights up with the press of a button. The ornament by Keepsake artist Orville Wilson is 6” long and battery-powered (batteries included). It sells for $32.95.