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Thread: A wish list builder for kids

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    A wish list builder for kids

    As a kid, I remember sifting through the Christmas Wishbook and circling the things I wanted for Christmas.

    Now as a parent, I know this had to have made my parents life a whole lot easier when deciding what to get me for Christmas. As long as I wasn't circling the super, ultra deluxe outdoor playhouse that cost $300+ anyway. haha

    With the internet available, however I find that my 4 year old enjoys building her wish list online, which works great for me, because I can just send my family a link to her Christmas list instead of trying to explain to them what she circled in the catalogs.

    She is building her own Christmas wish list on this site: It is a cool wish list maker for kids. This is an example of what the wish list looks like that you send out to family: (that is just a dummy list I made real quick, so don't worry about playing with it)

    It is a little heavy on the graphics, but a very cool site for kids.

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    thanks for posting the link it is really neat. But how do the kids make their own list and will it show if amazon has it or not?
    Wishing you many hot cocoa mornings and firesky nights throughout the new year!

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    You have to log in to make a wish list. The Amazon parts only show up in the actual wish list you want to send out, and in a part where parents can review the list.

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    I am sending this link to all of my grandbabies parents!
    How much easier this will make deciding where to buy what too!presents
    Thank you so much! From ALL of us!

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    That site looks good. I already make a wish list @ though. I highly recommend you give Wishlings a try as well - I've used it for about a year now and I ALWAYS get what I want for Christmas and my birthday now :D
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    How about this one:
    You can send emails to your kids from the website in the name of Santa Claus and ask them what they want for Christmas. They will never find out it's actually you... I think it's awesome!

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    That's a smart kid. My 4 year old can't use the computer at all.

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