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Thread: ChantelleJoy on Vacation

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    Oh, this is so sad I hope you feel a litlle bit better now I'm wishing you a successful recovery, take care
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    Heal quickly. Unfortunately I know of several other people who've had serious accidents in Mexico!
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    oh, Chantelle, how awful! I'm sorry to hear this. I hope you have as speedy a recovery as possible. and I hope you had at least some good time in Mexico before the bridge collapsed.

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    I hope you get in hospital after christmas, so, that you can celebrate with your family.
    Its sad all this that has happened to you, I guess, you are very unlucky, my friend..

    Im wishing you are not in much pain right now and also hope you can handle all tne pain until you have the surgery.
    Welcome back.
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    Sending my best to you for a speedy recovery! Glad your foot was the only thing harmed and hope that it will heal completely with no problems!
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    OMG Chantelle, that is terrible. Get well soon! WOW.

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    Here's hoping you are healed soon. I'm not sure about the exact legal situation, and whether any case would be covered under Canadian or Mexican jurisdiction, but I'd investigate your rights regarding compensation. Bridges shouldn't collapse underneath you, something somewhere has gone wrong to lead to this point, and it needs to be remedied.
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