I don't have pics, but I started Christmas shopping this past Friday (11/22) I actually called in sick to work (Christmas hooky shhhh don't tell!) and spent the day getting my Christmas shopping started, here was the haul, and I'm SO stoked on how much money I saved!

I got my son the Audi R8 1 seater convertible power wheel, reguarly 229.99, on sale this past weekend for 169.99 (American dollars).

I got my girlfriend some NIKE running shoes she had picked out, not sure of the name or whatever, but they're regularly 99.99 on sale for 69.99 this past weekend.

Also got her a clow-cooker (crock-pot) regularly 47.99 on sale for 28.99

Not a bad start at all, didn't finish, but made a decent dent, and I'm heading out this weekend for more! HAPPY HUNTING to all my fellow ATC'ers! post your early shopping finds below!