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    Office Holiday Fun

    Does anyone have suggestions on Christmas activities to do in the office? I work in an office with 50 employees, that make up 5 different teams. We actually have a committee at work that puts together office activities for the office year round. Like with any other office we have scrooges trying to ruin the fun for everyone else. What are ways that you have found to bring up momentum, and morale at work during the holidays? We always have potlucks, and people decorate their desk. But i would like to hear some ideas that other people may have that we could possibly implement here. Of course it has to be something that would not be any type of HR violation. The committee does have a budget that is not very big, we try to raise money in the office for other activities such as doing a 50/50 raffle.

    Looking forward to reading some great ideas!!!!

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    I used to be the Human Resources Director at a local bank. We had about 450 employees. Our branch offices (25) often held competitions between them. Many were designed around the holidays. They would often dress up for the holidays in a theme - such as Charlie Brown or Rudolph. The District Managers and the Branch Administrator would then select a winner who would receive a prize - like dinner out for all branch staff. It was very motivational for the employees and inspirational for the customers! You already have teams, so this might work for you.
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