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Thread: Regarding the Everything Else Forum & Discussion Threads.

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    Regarding the Everything Else Forum & Discussion Threads.

    First of all, just to let you know that threads that are 50+ pages long actually are very heavy load on the server so we're trying to consolodate them.
    Also, to help ease the traffic load, there is now a 50 post-per-day limit on the forum for the time being. [Edited: Now 75]

    I've closed & restarted a lot of threads in this Everything Else Forum,
    For the time being, here are the NEW MAIN THREADS (any ones not listed here as replaced are still open).

    Feel free to continue to start new threads, but keep in mind that it might get merged with another thread if it's similar in topic.

    Going forward, I'd like to make a few guidelines for discussion threads.
    1) Please don't post "Nothing". Only share when you've got something to add!
    2) Never post twice in a row, remember, it's a discussion!

    Here are the new consolidated threads:

    What are you Eating?
    (This is a combo of all food threads. Breakfasts, lunch, dinner, dessert, baking - etc. Just one place for all meals!)

    How are you feeling & why?
    (This is a combo of "Use a Smiley", and "What made you Happy/Sad/Frustrated.")

    What are you doing/listening to/watching?
    (Combining the "Are you doing anything Christmassy" with the other threads).

    About Time!
    (What time did you get up, or go to bed? What time is it now?)

    Sharing Thoughts...
    (Combining "What's on your mind..." & "I should be..." with "How was your Day/Night?")

    I hope this makes it easier for everyone to enjoy updates from everyone else, and keeps our forum loading fast!

    Any questions, feel free to ask!

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