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feeling happy; yesterday my son and I flew to Ohio, my 2nd oldest drove down from Michigan and picked us up from the airport and drove us to my sister's to surprise her. It was dark when we arrived; we went to get out of my daughter's van, and my son noticed someone had come out of the house, so we were hiding behind a tree, (it was one of my nieces going to work) then we went up the steps to the house and I pounded on the door as loud and obnoxiously as possible. the daughter that picked us up from the airport was standing in front of the door, so, when I banged on the door, I moved off to the side, so whoever answered the door would think it was my daughter who was being so annoying (lol) it was bitter cold and very windy, by the way. no one answered the door, so I pounded several times, as loudly as possible again and my daughter who was with us said, "they have heard us" so she had heard someone inside. well, my youngest daughter, who lives at my sister's, had heard the pounding and had come to the door but not opened it. my daughter who was outside with us says loudly and good naturedly, "it's COLD out here!" and my daughter inside asks, "Who is it?" to which my older daughter says, "it's STILL cold out here!" and we were cracking up. so, then my daughter finally opens the door, has a very surprised and happy look as my older daughter walks in, my son and I were still off to the side, so she didn't know we were there, too. my daughter's were hugging when my son and I come in, and when my younger daughter see us, she exclaims, "MOM!!!" and she was SO happy, gave me the biggest hug, at the same time, my sister comes down the stairs, and has the most surprised look, smiling and she keeps saying, "Stephanie??!!! what are you DOING???? she just can't get over it! and she calls up to our mom, "Come downstairs, Stephanie, Dylan, and Kristen are here!!!" and, my niece had come back to the house, when she saw it was us, so she could give hugs before going to work. everyone was surprised and happy to see us, so it worked out perfectly.
Oh, that's so lovely to hear, steph I hope you have a lovely time with your family..