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Thread: ATC Secret Santa 2013!

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    ATC Secret Santa 2013!

    I was wondering if there was any interest in doing a ATC Forum Secret Santa this year - we've never done one before.

    Since we exchange addresses for cards, and have done so safely for years, I think this is the next logical step.

    1) You have to have participated in a previous year's Card Exchange (for safety).
    It doesn't need to have been last year, just that you've sent or recieved something from/to a member before.

    2) Have to be able to mail internationally. About half of our members are in Europe/UK and the other half in Canada/USA - you'll probably get someone far away.
    Shipping costs vary based on what you're sending and how far.

    3) No requirement on how much you spend - please be thoughtful. Homemade gifts are of course welcome, and appreciated, too!


    Step 1: Sign up by first replying to this thread with your nickname! Deadline: THURSDAY NOVEMBER 14th, 2013

    Step 2: Then, Copy & Fill out the Questions Below, and PM Me with the Subject "Secret Santa 2013" before the Deadline.

    Age (Optional):

    Favourite Christmas Flavour:
    Favourite Christmas Colour:
    Favourite Christmas Movie:
    Favourite Christmas Song:

    Step 3: On Friday November 15th you'll receive the info for the person whom you are their SECRET SANTA!
    Pick out/buy/make a wonderful gift for them! Remember - Keep it a SECRET!

    Step 4: Mail your gift by December 1st, 2013 to make sure it gets to them in time for Christmas!

    Step 5: You can open your gift when you get it, or wait till Christmas - but be sure to share with the Forum what you got!

    Any Questions? Feel free to ask!
    Any Suggestions - Let me know!
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