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Thread: How Christmas entertainment has helped me cope this year.

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    How Christmas entertainment has helped me cope this year.

    So it's a sad story... But I love this forum, and I've been exceedingly touched by the holidays this year, and I wanted to share. In July my wife and I decided to separate, and since have decided that a divorce is the next logical step. It's been very difficult, but it is what's best for she and I to be happy in the future. The saddest part of it is that we have a one year old son together who I went from seeing every day to only seeing about 3-4 days a week. It has left me feeling very empty and broken hearted.

    The first time I left him with his mom was really tough. I went to my dad's where I'm staying in the meantime, and basically sat and balled for about two days. The second time I knew I couldn't just sit around and blubber, so I had to come up with a game plan to help me heal and though nothing would ever replace my son, I needed something to at least distract me from how much I was hurting.

    That's where holiday entertainment comes into play. Obviously I'm slightly obsessed with Christmas, seeing as how I'm on here all the time, it's not difficult to understand, so I decided to bring some of my holiday movie collection with me to my dads and try and raise my spirits and it worked! That first weekend I watched Christmas Vacation, Jingle All the Way, and Home Alone. Even though I still missed my son, it made me feel a lot closer to him because these were movies we had watched together.

    So now every Saturday night after his mom picks him up I put on some of my favorite holiday movies and relax and I'm not nearly as devastated as I was previously.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

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    I'm sorry for your situation - but I'm happy that the Holiday Movies make you feel better.
    We're always here to help lift your spirits and talk about Christmas!

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    I'm sorry for your loss, too. Change can be very stressful. Next month the Hallmark channel will be showing Christmas movies.

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    Glad it helped!
    I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

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