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Thread: Crafting Xmass with a 3 year old

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    Crafting Xmass with a 3 year old

    I tried out making a collage ornament ball with my 3 year old daughter and it went great, so here is my idea:

    Materials are synthetic xmass balls for crafting medium sized (so a small kid can hold it in one hand)
    Little paper pieces of color or magazine clips
    water resolvent glue

    Just soak paper clips in a mixture of 1 part glue and 5 parts water for a few minutes.
    Demonstrate to your little one how to take pieces of paper and glue them on the ball
    Tie ribbon around, become creative making bows and twists
    Hang to dry for one night.

    Really easy, really bautiful and - most important- something your littleone made all alone!

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    This craft idea is great. Maybe Chantelle Joy will move it to "Christmas Crafts and Recipes."

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    this sounds great for little ones

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