Hey folks, just wanted to drop everyone a line about a new-ish tradition at my house that we have been practicing for about 3 years now. Hobby Lobby sells these really cool Christmas puzzles with potraits done by various artists of really great Christmas scenes. Some with Santa, some of snowy scenes, and things like that.

Thomas Kincaide is one of the artists they use most often, and he does really great scenes of small towns at Christmas time, and other things that remind you of the season.

So what we do is usually around the end of August/beginning of September we go out and pick out our puzzle for the year. And yes, to answer your question it does take me and my wife (our son isn't old enough yet to participate) 2-3 months to put together a 1000 piece puzzle. It's not a race remember, it's a marathon then once we finish it, we glue it to cardboard, and frame it. it provides a really unique Christmas decoration that we can hang and also provides a fantastic memory. Just thought I'd share, hope you all give it a shot!!