Here is my list:

Husband (5 gifts)
Daughter #1 (7 gifts)
Daughter #2 (7 gifts)

Plus small gifts of candy for the mail man and trash collectors.

Back in the "good-ole-days" when I was working, I used to also buy for: 2 sisters, a brother, 5 brothers-in-law, 3 sisters-in-law, 4 nieces, 6 nephews, my staff of 4, 6 work friends and 2 old friends. That was a total of 57 gifts!!! I would go broke from the wrapping paper alone!

The nieces and nephews are almost all adults now and I no longer work. We all mutually decided to cut back on gifts to siblings and friends when the economy tanked. I miss it sometimes, but not the expense!

Tell me about your Christmas list!