Do you have a special way of decorating...a special order...a specific time frame? How long does it take you to complete your decorating?

I always start decorating Thanksgiving night. I start by taking down all of my everyday items and prepare a "blank slate" for my Christmas stuff that first night. On day one, I usually do my outside display. Day two is devoted to inside decorations (mantle, bathroom, Santas, Snowmen, Nutcrackers, Stuffed Animals, Doll tree and inside lights). Day three is my village set up (this is a MAJOR under-taking),. On day four, I set up my tree. I move alot slower than I used to so it is possible that I may go into the 5th day before all is finished.

I would start earlier in November, but I always host Thanksgiving dinner at my house. I love that holiday and like to give it it's own respect - autumn decor. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving falls late this year (Nov. 28th) so decorating won't be done until Dec. 2nd. My sister and her family are visiting from Seattle this year. It will be the first time in MANY years we've spent Christmas with them - so I want everything to be perfect! NO STRESS!!!

I may have to do a few things ahead of time - like the bathroom and doll tree!