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Thread: A Christmas book, please help me find it!!!

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    A Christmas book, please help me find it!!!

    Ok I'm new to the forum so sorry if this is in the wrong place, it seemed like the closest fit. I had a book as a child and don't really remember much. Some of my memories of this could be wrong so any help or direction you can give would be awesome!

    I remember a book that I believe was about finding alphabet letters to spell out a word or a message. I could be wrong on that. It was a picture book and had some bright colored letters, I remember snow being on them. I believe it had to do with Saint Nicholas or another name for Santa (not santa).

    I'm sorry this is so vague but it was a long time ago (early 80's is when I had it). Again, some of this could be made up in my head so if you have any guesses at all, please fire away!

    Thanks in advance.

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    hi veetzvino...was the book by any chance FATHER CHRISTMAS (raymond briggs)..that had snow being on them...

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    Hey thanks for the reply. I looked up your suggestion and that was not the one. Thanks though! Awesome shot in the dark!! I don't know if there was snow on the letters of the cover. It was part of the story. I believe at least some of said letters had snow on them. Boy, this is going to be a tough one!!

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    Thought I'd bump this in hopes someone might come up with a lead. Thanks!

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