Except they're WAY early. Stockings have always been a part of Christmas for me. My family has a set of four knitted stockings with our names cross-stitched onto the tops and then my brother and I had stockings that were a bit more robust and could hold more without stretching out. My boyfriend/fiance hasn't had his own stocking since he was a kid and we're planning on moving in together, possibly next year, but it will be after this Christmas. I'm crocheting a set of stockings for us for once we move in to a place but I have a question.
This is the stocking I'm making for him, and then I'll add his name on the green portion, but I'm not sure what to do for mine. It's a toss up between inverting the colors and making a green stocking with off white top, or the off white stocking with a red top. Any ideas on which would make a cuter set?