Bonnie Tyler (real name Gaynor Sullivan nee Hopkins) came 19th in the Eurovision song contest with her single Believe in Me beating Ireland who came last (26th place) in the contest with Ryan Dolan and his single Only Love Survives who have in the previous 2 years with there’re Eurovision hopefuls Jedward who were on UK series 6 of the X Factor in 2009 beat The UK in 2011 by coming 8th place with Jedward’s single when The UK came 11th with Blue and there’re single I Can and again beating them when Jedward came 19th with there’re single Waterline while Engelbert Humperdinck (real name Arnold George Dorsey) came 25th with Love Will Set You Free, she has followed in the footsteps of 1962’s UK entry Ronnie Carroll who charted at number 46 with her single Ring-A-Ding Girl, 1979’s UK entry Black Lace who charted at number 42 with there’re single Mary Ann, 1980’s entry Prima Donna who charted at number 48 with there’re single Love Enough For Two, 1985’s entry Vikki who charted at number 49 with her single Love Is, 1986’s entry Ryder who charted at number 98 with there’re single Runner in the Night, 1987’s entry Rikki who charted at number 96 with his single Only the Light, 1988’s entry Scott Fitzgerald who charted at number 52 with his single Go, 1989’s entry Live Report who charted at number 73 with there’re single Why Do I Always Get it Wrong?, 2008’s entry Andy Abraham who charted at number 67 with his single Even If, 2010’s entry Josh Dubovie who charted at number 179 with his single That Sounds Good to Me and 2012’s entry Engelbert Humperdinck who charted at number 60 with his single Love Will Set You Free by charting inside the top 200 UK singles chart but failing to reach the top 40 coming strait in at number 93 but falling to number 137 the following week.

Although Bonne Tyler came higher than Engelbert Humperdinck in the Eurovision Song Contest she charted lower than him, charting at 93 with Believe In Me compared to position 60 that was reached by Love Will Set You Free, Believe In Me also charted lower than Love Will Set You Free in UK indie chart charting at 10 compared to Love Will Set You Free’s 3 , however Bonnie Tyler did reach a higher peak position in the UK than Mr Dolan who charted in the UK Indie Chart at number 33 and failed to chart in the UK Top 200.

Neither Mr Dolan or Bonnie Tyler beat 2013’s Swedish 2013 Eurovision Song Contest winners Denmark on contest position who came 25 places ahead of Ireland and 18 places ahead of the UK to win the contest and charted at number 15 in the UK singles top 200 represented by Emmelie de Forest and her single Only Teardrops compared to number 93 in the UK singles top 200 and number 10 in the UK Indie Chart by Believe In Me and number 33 in the UK Indie Chart and failing to chart altogether in the UK singles top 200 by Mr Dolan.

An personal observation of mine is that Believe In Me’s UK singles chart peak of 93 is an relatively disappointing chart peak position as my observation is that as well as 93 for Believe In Me being lower than 60 for Englebert Humperdinck but it is also lower than the number 9 peak of Payphone by Precision Tunes which was merely an karaoke cover of Maroon 5 Ft Wiz Khalifa’s Payphone not a stand-alone song and also lower than the number 67 peak of Toto’s Africa which is an track initially released in September 1982 which peaked in the UK at number 3 in February/March 1983 which charted at number 67 in March 2013 on import from New Zealand where the track charted at number 5 .

In Believe In Me’s defence however I think that the peak position of 93 is decidedly less disappointing than the chart trajectory of Urban Classic’s Wish I Belonged which as far as I am aware has not charted at all in any chart of note making the absence of the chart altogether for Wish I Belonged particularly disappointing is that the track from which profits go to BBC’s Children In Need featured Girl Band Stooshe who’s previous single Waterfall had peaked at number 21 , Rapper Fazer who was made famous in group N-Dubz who scored a Number 1 single in 2009 with Number 1 featuring Tinchy Stryder had his previous single Killer peak at number 17 , singer Tyler James who participated in 2012’s series 1 of The Voice had his previous single entitled Single Tear peak at number 28 and singer Angel who’s previous single Wonderful had peaked at number 9 all higher, better and less disappointing positions than single Wish I Belonged by Urban Classic which failed to chart and had some publicity around it’s release a well publicised product usually sells well and this was an promoted product for instance Steve Brookstein claims due to an lack of publicity for an performance by Mr Brookstein in an coffee shop in Ipswich no body turned up to see him perform during his tour of Caffe Nero branches in December 2010 and this was an relatively well publicised product .

I personally think that after comparative failures with Englebert Humperdinck and Bonnie Tyler that the UK’s best bet for coming close or even winning would be JLS, I know they are due to split up in 2013 but I’m sure reforming in 2014 for Eurovision will help JLS fill in the financial gaps that they will be experiencing after there’re JLS (Just-Love-Safe) brand of condoms are discontinued , how ever I think a sure fire win for Eurovision would be Olly Murs, only problem with that would be convincing him to do it, Sophie Ellis-Bextor declined Eurovision last year due to her perception that the UK is very unpopular in Eurovision, saying that Mrs Jones( formerly Miss Bextor) has an rather unusual knack in turning anyone and/or anything down in 2009 she turned down an opportunity to work with the Kaiser Chiefs as she was too busy.

Perhaps though there may be hope for people under the age of 50 to host the Eurovision, it seems pretty promising that Little Boots wants to represent the UK in Denmark’s 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

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