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Yes, I am. My mom & I are actually moving from New Jersey to Maine in September. I'm so excited! I'm really hoping we have a white Christmas there this year, because they get a lot of snow. It'll be myself & my moms first Christmas back in Maine since 1993. So I have a feeling that Christmas there will be even more magical than our Christmas' in Jersey. My mom & I have been sorting through our Christmas decorations, choosing which ones we'll use this year. I can't wait till Christmas in July when the Christmas Tree Shops get more Christmas stuff. I'll definitely be heading there next month.

Only 5 & a half months till the Christmas season!
We were dying for a white Christmas one year; my husband promised that we'd have one if we went to his hometown in Maine. It didn't snow that year!!! But while we were gone from our home in Virginia, they had a white Christmas in Virginia.