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a little 4 year old girl was hit by a car and killed today at our small apartment complex. I didn't know the girl or her family at all. I had picked up my son from school, and we had done a little grocery shopping. I was driving home, and an ems truck needed to turn on the road ahead of me, so of course I let it. it's lights had just started flashing, but not siren. anyway, it went ahead and I didn't pay more attention to it. when we turned onto the main street in our complex, there was the same ems truck and a fire truck. I had thought maybe one of the older residents had had a stroke or something. then I learned a mother had backed over her own daughter. This ems truck had not even been headed there, but construction workers who had been working in our apt complex had witnessed the whole accident and one of them had just happened to flag down this ems truck, so when we got there, the accident had literally JUST happened. there is only one way onto our very short street, which was blocked by the emergency vehicles and by the yellow tape (which is still there, hours later) so I could not park on our street (which I am NOT complaining about) so, my son and I carried our few groceries to our apartment, having to pass by the scene of the accident on the way and there was blood on the pavement. the girl was taken to a local hospital in critical condition a couple hours ago, but now they say the girl has died. one woman, who lives in the apt where I parked my car, told me this mother has a drinking problem, so I hope she had not been drinking when she drove over her little girl or she will most likely be charged with manslaughter. (which she should be, if she was drinking). I just feel bad for this whole family.
oh my God, that's really sad, poor girl