Prep Time: 10 min.

Difficulty: Easy

Yield: Makes 2 drinks.

4 pieces DOVEŽ Dark Chocolate

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

4 ounces vodka

2 ounces coffee liqueur

1 tablespoon instant espresso

Special Equipment:

Resealable plastic bag


2 martini glasses

1. Heat DOVEŽ Dark Chocolate in plastic bag in microwave until

melted, about 10-15 seconds. Snip corner of bag and drizzle

inside chilled martini glasses. Rim edge of glass in cocoa and

chill until ready to serve.

2. Shake vodka, coffee liqueur, instant espresso, and ice cubes.

Pour into prepared glasses and serve chilled.

3. * Not intended for creation or consumption by persons under

21 years of age.