After raids on UK farms in Wales and Yorkshire over them selling Horse produce as Beef produce all I can say is “Da pigz must av da trotz”.

I mean ok I know fraud is illegal but it’s an open secret that any value or economy burgers or ready meals that say beef on the packet have anything but beef in them it is blatantly cheaper than bee to use horse for burgers and people ought to thank there’re lucky stars it was horse and not something worse as something needed to fill the gap after new regulations on mechanically recovered meat in April 2012.

I am getting de ja vu I cannot help but cast my mind back to September 2010 when The Stig being unveiled as Ben Collins was a big frickin deal despite indifference when he was unveiled as Michael Schumacher an year earlier in 2009 as history seems to have repeated it’s self being that when Alex Riley’s Really Disgusting Food found evidence that meat was not exactly what it says on the packaging but I can’t remember no where near the media storm that we are now facing today in 2013 compared to Alex Riley’s finding back in 2009.

I have come to the conclusion that we have a very fickle media here in the UK, but considering serial killers such as Jack The Ripper and more recently Stacey Slater who has not been brought to justice for the murder of Archie Mitchell are at large the UK police must have the trots if they are using there’re resources to investigate an open secret like this.

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Thanks, MCjakeqcool