Since Celebrity Big Brothers reincarnation on Channel 5, there has been Jedward who were Under Pressure to win and were close to the Waterline with 3rd Place in the show in August 2011s Celebrity Big Brother 8 and Frankie Cocozza who drove his big bad motorcycle to 2nd place in the show in January 2012s Celebrity Big Brother 9 and now Rylan Clark has reached 1st place in the show Rylan Style!

All I can say is Mr Clark is well and truly on his way to being an A list celebrity all he needs to do now is have his video for Rylan Style on youtube beat PSYs Gangnam Styles record of 1 billion views on youtube and he will be there.

Thats Just my 2 cents, Guys And Gals from all around the world feel free to let me know yours.

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Thanks, MCjakeqcool