It’s time for Cows to mooove over as Tesco Value Beef Burgers are 29% meat (not a clue what the rest of the content is but Celebrity Meatloaf as featured Britain’s really disgusting food: meat with Alex Riley comes to mind) according to findings in January 2013 turns out as far as a revolution from Beef to Horse burgers is concerned however the horses have ran with there’re lucky shoes before they could walk as retailers are removing Tesco’s 29% Horse, curiously enough Beef burgers and other products found to be horsing around from UK shelves.

Myself MCjakeqcool thinks that considering that Horse meat is a popular dish in France being since the 90s it has been popular in supermarkets, I think that us Brits in the UK are quite fortunate it was just Horse and not snails another French delicacy.

I just hope Tesco don’t start shipping burger meat from Australia otherwise it will be 29% Kangaroo Anus if anything else in these Tesco Value um Beef burgers.

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Thanks, MCjakeqcool