Takes about a week to prepare, but when it is bottled in your own
personally decorated bottlesit s a thoughtful gift and nice to have
on hand.
every cook on your gift list will love you for it.

Home Made Vanilla
Using a small sharp knif, split 4 whole vanilla beans length wise
and place ina 1-quart jar that has a tight fitting lid.
Add to the vanilla beans 1 cup vodaka,1 cup water,1-ounce bottle of
real vanilla extract. Let stand at room temperaturecovered for 7
days. Divide the mixture into 4 bottles(4-0unce each),placeing 2 bean
halfs in each bottle.(it is best to use teinted bottles to protect
the vanilla flovor from fadding when exposed to light, I save my
little bottles or look for them when out looking at thrift stores or
yard sales).
add a decorative label to each bottle.
Recipe makes 2 cupos of Vanilla

hope you like this i have been making this for 30 years now and its
so good to use. and if your worried about the vocka it avporates out
when baked. so just the flavor is left.