Well itís 1 am on Christmas morning here in Texas all have gone to bed but me just finished arranging the last of the gifts and filling the stockings.
My sister has been here from Ohio since Thursday evening we have been having a glorious time. It has lifted my spirits having her here on Sarahís first Christmas away from home.
We have been regaling the family with tales of the marvelous Christmases of are childhood days and fond remembrances of our Mom and Dad who were both huge Christmas enthusiasts.

Tomorrow morning we will Skype with Sarah (14 hours ahead of us) while she opens her gifts in Tai Pei and we open ours here.
Later on in the day our son his wife and two grandsons as well as a brother in-law and niece will join us for Christmas dinner.
It should be a wonderful day.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas day spent with family and friends and I want to wish each of you a wonderful New Year filled with happiness and joy for you and yours.
Iím going to turn the old PC off and let her have a couple of days rest while I enjoy my family and friends.
I think Iíll go fall asleep in my recliner and enjoy my Christmas lights.

A very Merry Christmas to you all my friends.