These cookies are yummy and especially good for Christmas time. They have stripes like real candy canes and that great peppermint taste. Easy to make too.

16 oz tube refrigerated sugar cookie dough
1/2 cup finely crushed peppermint candy canes
1/2 tsp mint extract
3/4 cup all purpose flour
3/4 cup confectioners sugar

Line 2 baking sheets with foil, set aside. In a bowl, knead together cookie dough, 1/4 cup crushed candy canes, mint extract and flour until combined. Break off a level tsp of dough and roll into a 5" long rope. Transfer to baking sheet. Repeat until entire sheet is full. Cover dough and refrigerate in between batches. Bake at 350 degrees for 7 min. or until puffed and just beginning to color, DO NOT OVERBAKE. Remove cookies to a wire rack to cool completely. Repeat using all dough.

To form a glaze, stir together confectioners sugar and 4 tsp water until smooth, spreading consistency. Brush some of the glaze over sticks and let dry completely. With a small paintbrush, use remaining glaze to paint stripes diagonally across sticks, spacing 1/2" apart. Immediately sprinkle stripes with some of the remaining crushed candy to resemble a candy cane. Let dry completely. MAKES 60 COOKIES.*