This week has been a good week for PSY who has with over 800 million views on youtube for Gangnam style beaten Justin Bieber's Baby to become the most watched video on youtube also notable is that it has taken Gangnam style less time then Baby to reach the landmark of 800 million views.

It has how ever been a bad week for Rylan Clark from the X Factor who parodied Gangnam style in a mash up on the x factor in week 2.

Rylan put his own twist on Gangnam style by singing Oppa Rylan style and has been in my opinion the biggest and best X Factor novelty act since Jedward beating 2010's Wagner Carrilho and 2011's Johnny Robinson has been voted out of the competition how ever being I'm from Swindon and Jahmene Douglas's vocals are good enough for any platinum selling record, I am rooting for Jahmene Douglas to win the X Factor.

That's my take on showbiz news for week ending 2nd December 2012, and who were the winners and losers, Guys and Gals from all around he world let me know you're opinion on my showbiz take.

Thanks, MCjakeqcool