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Ugly. Ugly Ugly. Ugly. I suppose the mall is trying to be "HIP" or something with this "ARTISTIC" Christmas Tree .. but to me .. it just looks like ca-ca. Near here we have Rockefeller Center's Christmas Tree, which is pretty much THE BIGGEST touring attraction in NYC during the Christmas Season. They've always had a real tree and I think if they ever went fake (let alone this thing) people would revolt.

Is this "THE" Christmas Tree of Toranto or is there a more popular one city-center or something?
Fist of all, I love the Rockefeller tree, and look forward to seeing it again in two weeks when I visit NYC for the third Christmas in a row! Secondly, luckily this isn't the "Official Toronto Tree" but more like the one that most tourists will see, as they come into the city for shopping. Like the "Mall Santa" the "Mall Tree" is usually a big attraction too.

Our official tree is at City Hall (just a couple blocks from the mall), and thankfully looks like this:

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I'm not a fan either. It would work in Tomorrow Land at Disney, but that is probably the only place where I think it might look good. I realize most of us are only going by the picture, Does it look better in person?
No. No it does not. In fact, in person you can see there are huge ornaments UNDER the ribbons... which just look stupid and out of place.