When Tigers Attack is one of those books that evokes emotion. With a personal message in the front, this would make a great stocking filler for a loved-one at only 8.99. It would also make a great gift for the aunty you don't see very often, or a great ice-breaker for your future potential sister or mother in-law.


After being unfairly dismissed from her previous post, Rachael Davies has landed her dream job helping people who suffer from mental illness in developing countries.
When a solo research position becomes available in Sri Lanka, Rachael jumps at the chance and fights hard to win the placement.
Victorious in her battle, Rachael is completely oblivious to the harrowing journey that awaits her. Falling in love with a man she cannot have and coming face to face with Tamil Tiger terrorists, Rachael soon learns that her real fight wasn’t to win a placement in Sri Lanka; her real fight is to survive it.


I never used to believe in fate. Fate was a romantic’s favourite word. Romantics thanked fate when they fell in love, claiming ‘it was meant to be’. Then they used it to justify why it all went wrong with, ‘it wasn’t meant to be’. Fate was a scapegoat for those evading responsibility, a convenient reason for one’s failures in life.
Advocates of ‘everything happens for a reason’ were usually those sitting on the sidelines watching opportunity pass them by. Everything happens for a reason? Everything happens for a reason alright, it happens because of something you have done or because of something you haven’t. That’s what I used to say.
I was wrong.
As I sit overlooking the silhouetted shore waiting for the sun to rise, I look back and I know.
Everything does happen for a reason.
Fate plays a part in everybody’s life.


“I was up until the early hours devouring this book. What a great read” Trevor Montague, best selling Author of the A-Z series and award-winning short story writer

“I laughed, I cried and I gasped out loud” Jacky Doak – Regualr yet fantastic woman, mother of two