Every year I promise that I'll indulge myself less than the year before as it is good for me and I've reached the age where overindulgence is no longer fun. And every year I always end up buying those tempting treats because... well you never know, and it is Christmas... But this year appears to be different. Yesterday I WALKED BY THE CHRISTMAS AISLE WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING! and that wasn't the first time. I've already got 'the basics' of Christmas sorted, and I seem to have lost the urge to want to stuff myself full of food and snacks. I wonder what it is? Is it some form of depression? because I don't feel depressed. Is it me listening to my body? Or is it me reaching the time of life where a relaxed, contemplative savouring has replaced the rush to excess.

My resolve may crack as The Day draws closer, or my efforts will be sabotaged by well meant gifts. But I live in hope that this may be the season when I'm not eating christmas food next February.