In a earlier post! of mine posted on 7th May 2012 I posted that a new game had been announced based on the absolutely brilliant film The Avengers Movie in which I must say Iron Man was hilarious and the Hulk was Epic well today I can confirm that the game has been released October 30th on the Xbox 360 and is a launch title for the next generation Wii U video game console.

You may not have played the Wii U before that is because the Wii U is the next generation of gaming from Nintendo it takes brilliant, fun & iconic video game franchises such as Mario, Wario & Donkey Kong and gives them realistic, high definition, interactive, 3D & inspiring graphics & capabilities like the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3.

I have not played it but I anticipate with the quality titles that Nintendo has, the casual gamers catered for with a host of Wii style casual games & the hard-core gamers covered for with revolutionary next generation games that the Wii U will be explosive & the next big thing it gives per say the leap the ps2 took to the ps3 this I am anticipating the Wii U will be THE biggest thing in video gaming history & there have been some big things.

Such as the leap from 2D 16 bit consoles such as the mega drive & SNES to 3D 32 bit & 64 bit consoles such as the 3DO and Atari Jaguar & the leap from consoles such as Pong where you could only play 1 game (in black & white at that) to consoles such as the Fairchild Channel F and iconic Atari VCS later known as 2600 where you could play enough titles to fill a A4 piece of paper in size 12 times new roman font using Microsoft Word in colour!

To beat feats like that is no mean feat but I reckon the Wii U is revolutionary enough to do it. That's what I think people from all around the world let me know what you think, thanks Jake