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Thanks everyone I am very happy with the tree and I have been able to set it up in record time this year.
I am sorry about taking so long to post updates. I am slower than Florida posting election results.... ok maybe not that slow I am such an idiot, after thinking that I was finished with the tree I found another bin of ornaments in the basement that I missed bringing upstairs and to top it off I left out a bunch of ornamotors.... oh well...

With that being said the tree is almost done and there are lots of pics coming. I was out this evening shopping. More ornaments, an interesting LED light conbination of colours for the purple tree ( which I will talk about more on Sunday, and 2 new christmas trees and matching wreath for the front porch.

It is quite amazing Mike !!! ..... and you have set it all up in such a short space of time !!

Looking forward to pics when you you add all the other ornaments and your new purchases...... also your other trees and decorations.