Mitt Romney is a robot so I feel it is important that people in the USA know that voting for him is voting for alien technology as Romney was but on this planet by aliens and if he gets voted in to power aliens will take over the US and effectively take over much of the world as most people would know the US is a big country and it has a lot of influence over the rest of the world and once he becomes president the US and the rest of the world will basically be in a dictatorship as kids won't be maimed and your wifes won't be abducted as long as you do as you're instructed also maming and abducting people are classic signs of alien behavior I myself don't like aliens as in The Watch they killed Evan Trautwig's friend and took his skin plus Alien VS Predator etc so if I was from the US I would vote for Obama.

But as I am from the UK I won't vote for either how ever it is up to the US if they want to vote for Mitt Romney or not but I thought I would let you know some facts about him, also he'll lower taxes that's what the truth is (but he didn't do this is Massachusetts) people from the US let me know is you're vote going to a robot or a human? Thanks, MCjakeqcool