In this week's showbiz news forget South Korea doing it Gangnam style or North Korea doing it Kim Jong style everybody has gone EastEnders and is doing it Rylan style with the Ferreiras in the Noughties and the Massods today the Walford
lot tend to go more for a Indian then a Chinky since back in the Nineties when Grant and Phil were dancing to Kung Fu Fighting but it turns out Rylan likes a Chinese or Korean rather taking the far east in the lime light with no not
Far East Movement but PSY, even though I'm pretty sure Rylan Clarke says he's used to a
Kebab anyhow babes everybody's doing it Rylan style SHHUUT UP

Also in this weeks showbiz news the future of the new edition of the classic Jimmy Saville show Jim Will Fix It looks uncertain as due to Jimmy Saville having people make bullshit stories about him when he can not defend himself as he is dead who are claming he is not only a peado and rapist but also into necrophillia to satisfy there're own dead f**ked up necrophillia desires as saying they got raped by Jimmy Saville when they were kids makes them horny and he more publicity
they can get out of having sexual fantisies with a dead guy the more horny they get so the media are feeding in to it as it gives them some kind of deleious thrill the kind Simon Cowell gets served with galactic sauce so due to all this in the words of Simon Cowell blah, blah, blah, blah (x100) the new version of Jim Will Fix It staring EastEnders star Shane Richie is unfashionable so it may not re-run, sigh if only Jim was still alive so he could fix it and now then now then we're on to the final news of this week ending 21/10/12

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