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Thread: Showbiz news in the UK week ending 7/10/2012

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    Showbiz news in the UK week ending 7/10/2012

    In this week's UK showbiz news the biggest rotflwtf story I have heard in a very, very long time is Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter the most famous peado 2nd to MJ and Freddie Star from I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in Jimmy Saville's dressing room nonce kids, OMG dude like Jimmy Saville being a peado is like the oldest joke in the book an launching a police investigation after the guy is dead is immortalizing it.

    Adding insult to injury and they have now just added a extra pinch of lulz following in the footsteps of now defunct Encyclopedia Dramatica by including Gary Glitter, I mean jeez you don't have to be Einstein to make a media s*it storm about the oldest joke in the book about a celeb who people reckon is a peado cos like MJ he spends any time with kids and then add Gary Glitter to the mix I mean a kid the age Glitter has in his gang would know about him and that Freddie Star dude of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here last year being in the mix I mean he eats balls but he eats kangaroo balls not mini balls you get on freakin little kids this is the biggest rotflwtf story I have ever heard in my life.

    There're no proof give the tax payer back there're money even if the UK economy will be like Zimbabwe by the time you can say credit crunch and let the guy RIP cos Jimmy Saville is dead now this is a pathetic way of getting money of Gary Glitter as he as paying the press to get him and Jimmy Saville doing it with little kids in the dressing room together in headlines as it is the only possible far fetched way Gary Glitter can get in the lime light and it's worked oh and the thing about it happening in Jimmy Saville's dressing room I'm getting a serious case of de ja vu of the scandal of Simon Cowell nonce Rebecca Black in his dressing room on a Friday night I mean is this back in time stuff to fill the gap between The Men In Black 3 being in the cinema and MIB 3 coming out on DVD releace just wait until Will Smith's and Pitbull's careers have dried up and people will being saying they are peados any way moving on to other news...

    Even though the showbiz news about Jimmy Saville doing kids with Gary Glitter in his dressing room has not impressed me to put it mildly it is the biggest sick joke since the last news I heard on TrollsNews perhaps the media got the inspiration to take the Jimmy Saville joke into the limelight came to them while they were listening to Ryan Bane – School and MCjakeqcool 2 cool 4 school part 2 (se enfrķe para la escuela) (which is my very own new single may I add) with Rebecca Black in the dressing room with them?

    I would say that the good and plain annoying news it that Rylan Clark has got through on the X Factor as I would say if was to rate novelty acts on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give 2010’s Wagner a 7, 2011’s Johnny Robinson a 8 and this year’s Rylan Clark as 9 so I really think he is the best novelty act he had good vocals, even better entertainment value and outstanding novelty act factor on his audition and he has carried on strong through boot camp and as long as he don’t do a Frankie Coke-up-ur-nooza he will be guarantied vocals on the 2012 X Factor’s Finalist single of which there is a 99% chance it will reach number 1 some time after it is released so I wish best of luck to him I reckon he has the charm of previous X Factor novelty acts and that little bit more and I think he will go far.

    That was this weeks show biz news in the UK week ending 7/10/2012 this was my take on it now people from all around the world let me know you’re take on it, thanks MCjakeqcool
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