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My son and I will most likely been putting the tree up and maybe the nativity. you would think we would be thrilled, since we love Christmas and all the decorations but our dislike for the hassle is almost as great as our love for the finished product. Many would agree that putting the lights on a tree is the worst part. So, we have a prelit tree, and it is beautiful but, we like a lot of lights so we have to add some. and since I like lights close to the trunk, it is a major pain in the rear. I would like to be able to just say, let's not add any this year, the tree is beautiful the way it is, and leave it at that. but, no, I will sit here staring at the tree and it will drive me insane knowing that it could look even better if we put the extra lights on. and it's even harder to add lights to a prelit tree, especially when you are trying to put them deeper inside the tree, because all those wires are in the way. I can't say how much I admire all the people who can get their tree and house all decorated within a day or two. but, I have to get it done because I couldn't bear to just not put it up at all. It takes me a very long time because I don't have the stamina I once did, I get frustrated very easily, and I am too much a perfectionist.
I hope you manage to get it done, steph.. I can't imagine not having anything up either. It did take us, well, hubby nearly 2 weeks for ours.
That is the longest time ever, used to do it in a couple of day.....not any more..