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Olga - I know it must be so, so difficult for you and it is definitlysomething the government should take steps to correct. I know here in the US people will often complain about how the government is all about the big companies, but in reality we have many laws and programs in place that protect the worker - especially regarding pay and employment opportunities. I used to be a Human Resources Manager, so I am very familiar with these laws and with how much trouble an employer can get into if they are not followed. While laws like these will not prevent an economic crisis, they may make it a little gentler and easier to handle. I wish you luck and hope things turn around for you and all of Greece very soon.
HI Suzanne and thank you for your reply to my post.

Wish I was a bit otimistic about things here, but nothing seems to be going better, unfortunately, I have started thinking of maybe have to go to another country with my boy and start a new life. We are very young, to quit from life and I do not want to allow anyone to tell me that my life is always gonna be the life-hell I live right now.

I wish I always have my health and if I can have that, the, I trust my self that I can find a normal work, live a normal life, even if this is in another country..