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Got a bit of a cold myself thanks to Ohio weather so you have my sympathy.

I am back at work trying to get back in the groove and trying to figure out how to juggle all the chores to get going on the Holiday season.
For the first time in years I may not be able to get it all done.

Getting started a bit late.
Sarah my chief assistant not here.
Family staying with us Thanksgiving week.
13 people for Thanksgiving diner this year.
Not sure how the new dog will do around all the Christmas decs...........
but I'll get done what I can and that will have to do I assure you I can have a wonderful Christmas with a candle, a sprig of pine and a turkey sandwich if needs be.
I'm sure you will have it all done in time, after all your Papa Christmas..

Going to have to say Good Night to you, I'm feeling very tired and horrible, see you tomorrow Papa...