I thought I would share a poem I wrote about Christmas


I used to wait for December zero one
But waiting is boring and never much fun
So I decided to change to first of November
I thought the date I would always remember

But then I decided I just couldnít wait
So I changed to October, it seemed it was fate
But Iím just too impatient waiting caused too much pain
Thatís when I decided to change dates again

So September zero one was the date that I chose
I couldnít see any cons, but I saw lots of pros
But this year came around and I still couldnít wait
I needed relief cause waitingís one thing I hate

So August zero one it now has to be
If you drive by my house Christmas lights you will see
My face gives a smile and my heartís filled with glee
When I turn on the Christmas lights and watch a Christmas movie