I think last night to kick off the 2012 series of The X Factor there have been some auditions that I thought they were right to say yes to and right to say no to...

I would say that audition from Jahmene Douglas the judges were right to say yes to it I think that Jahmene Douglas has got what it takes to go through to the X Factor finals he has the voice, likeability factor and appeal to sell debuit singles and albums on the same scale that Olly Murs and JLS would in today's record market and also has a enticing backstory where he works at a branch in ASDA in Swindon I think he could of been 1 of the biggest reality stars of the past 5 years and also me being a rapper from Swindon MCjakeqcool I think that he could be 1 of the biggest artists from the Town I certainly think that he could be the 1st act since Billie Piper in 1998 to score a number 1 single an if he is not cheated by his mentor like Steeve Brookstein was back in 2004 he could have a more longevity career then Billie Piper did in the late 90s an early 00s at least his singing career ok maybe not his acting career however if he does have a more longevity career then Billie Piper then his life could be subject to a movie like 50 Cent who has collaborated with X Factor judge/mentor Nicole Scherzinger on top 5 hit Right There who's film based on his life was Get Rich or Die Tryin' I think good choice there for a yes from Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos and Nicole Scherzinger I think he will go far not just during the contest but after the contest which makes the difference between some1 like Jedward who was sucsessful after the show an Lucie Jones who was not although she had a minor 107 hit in 2010 with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun for Race For Life with Nina Wadia, Kym Marsh, Caroline Quentin, Danielle Lloyd, Sonique, Lucy Benjamin and Nicola T although it did not sell as many records as Jedward's 2010 number 2 hit Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) which featured Vanilla Ice, 2010 number 80 hit All The Small Things or 2011 number 40 hit Lipstick although it did sell more copies then 2012 hit Waterline which peaked at number 122 in the official UK singles top 200

I think also that the judges Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos and Mel B(more about her later) were right to say yes to Ella Henderson I think that she has excellent song writing skills and a brilliant voice an I think that she is better then any act to ever audition on the X Factor an she should have a long lasting career that no reality tv star has had since Will Young and Girls Aloud from Pop Idol and Popstars: The Rivals shows which pre-date the X Factor I think the fact she wrote her own song which she sung well enough to be on a winner's single will make her have what no X Factor act has had before what I call a longevity career where a singer can have top 10 hits more then 5 years after after the releace of there're debut single/album not even acts such as Shayne Ward or Alexandra Burke who sold 1 million+ copies with That's My Goal and Hallelujah can do that similarly where Leona Lewis could be number 1 for as much as 7 weeks in 2007 in 2011 she can barely scrape the top 10 it's not just the voice or the X Factor it's that she can write material singer song writer Rebecca Black and Big Brother star come singer song writer Chanelle Hayes both sold more records then band Jahm because they wrote there're own material and I also think that her song is a tribute that her late Grandad would be proud of an I think that he would be proud that she is going to be if the judges mentor her correctly and give her a record deal to her potential she will be the biggest act ever to come out of the X Factor an the fact alone she could be the biggest act ever to come out of the X Factor plus other perks to be taken into consideration is reason enough for the judges to have done the right thing by saying yes to Ella Henderson

I said more about Mel B later now here it is I think that judge Mel B was a awful judge on the X Factor I think that she was wrong to say no to Curtis Golden who I think had not only a finalist worthy voice but also finalist worthy personality an finalist worthy image as a nerd an I think that he got go far on the show an I think that if Mel B was a mentor she would make no money as she would have no acts that prove popular with the public she appears to want a act that can pick up high and low notes on a voice but image is also part of the X Factor, I think she would dis the Spice Girls if she got the chance lol! I think she carried on being comparatively abysmal with her judging an I think she contributed to turning down a act Lea who could have proved popular with voting public if he had got through bootcamp as he was a 82 year old man which I think would be a perk which would help him gain votes to become a comparatively popular novelty act to the likes of Wagner Carrilho an Johnny Robinson from 2010 and 2011's series of the X Factor I think she was told she would be sacked if she did say yes to Ella Henderson the only redeeming feature in the entire time she was judge I think all the time she was judge Nicole Scherzinger or any other judge should have been judge

I think that Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos and Nicole Scherzinger were right to say no to Zoe Alexander I think that along with 2009's audition from Triple Trouble, 2010's audition from Ablisa and 2011's audition from George Gerasimou from Triple Trouble that Zoe Alexander's audition was 1 of the worst auditions on the X Factor an to be honest the worst of a bad bunch at least George Gerasimou could walk of stage with out attacking the camera man I think that despite the fact that copying other people's music if you have been on the X Factor is a guaranteed way to be successful sell records and make money for the act's X Factor mentor and the act doing vocals on the record respectively that Zoe Alexander's dysfunctional psychopath personality is to objectionable for her to get the public's vote at this time plus she would probally get kicked out of bootcamp for GBH or murder or something worse infact tbh f**k it ppl aint even gonna watch her doing her Pink tribute any more

Apart from Mel B being a awful judge I was also the most disappointed I have ever been with a decision on the X Factor ever when Sheyi Omatayo was given 4 nos by judges the whole audience booed every time Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos and Nicole Scherzinger said no to Sheyi Omatayo which speaks volumes he would have not only got votes as he is not only unique an would be subject to many votes as a novelty act as per the likes of Wagner Carrilho an Johnny Robinson from 2010 and 2011's series but and this is a BIG BUT he would be better then both of them as he is more talented then them Wagner an Johnny the have the X Factor but not the voice of Louis Armstrong who was number 1 for 4 weeks in 1968 with What A Wonderful World/Cabaret but more then that Louis Walsh thinks he is better then the original... NUFF SAID.

That is my opinion on the acts who should and should not of gone through in the X Factor auditions on August 18th 2012 now people from all around the world let me know yours, thanks MCjakeqcool