I think that if Andrew tries to hurt Jay, Phil should deffo try an get Andrew off him, saying that Andrew is a big lump and Jay is gonna need all the help he can get maybe Phil can get Grant back in the square for some Kung Fu Fighting? Also the fact that any1 is doing anything but giving Jay an Phil best Dad and Bro of the year award is bang out of order, all that Jay an Phil were doing protecting Ben from going to jail cos if you don't as the police a.k.a the pigs say pervert the coarse of justice you will be feeding the pigs an the pigs are like trolls you don't feed the trolls and you don't feed the pigs unless you are just facepalm levels of stupid I mean the police please they could only nick cheesy singer Gary Glitter who's crimes against music where worse then his crimes against Justin Beiber they suit each other lol but they could not touch Micheal Jackson they just can't move like him or the Mitchell Brothers (irony) they are real music, say what you want about Jay an Phil in particular but they love there're son/brother more then they love DCI Marsden the f***ing donut eating, weed killing, coke addicted b***h anyhow every1 on Celeb Big Bro at the moment thinks Hev is alive so shove that in ur pipe an smoke your the 1 tripping now Marsden! Oi any1 think what you talkin bout Marston?