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    :santa: Ideas needed

    Hello my lovelies
    I have just signed up so sorry if this post doesnt make too much sense :lol:
    I know it is only August and Christmas is forever away (or so I keep getting told everytime i mention it) but I have been thinking of Christmas related crafts and what not I can do with my 5 year old and was thinking maybe D.I.Y decorations but really have no idea where to start lol
    So was wondering if anyone had any ideas we could try out?
    Kerry x

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    Growing up, my Dad would get paper chains which we would put together. Mew and my brother would LOVE them (i still do!) You could also make snowflakes and Christmas trees from paper to hang.

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    Why not try and make some Gingerbread ornaments...


    Have fun....
    Merry Christmas to all...

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    Here in the USA we can buy these foam shapes at all the craft stores:

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    You can go for some crystal decor items like crystal angels, crystal figurines or Christmas collectables for the decoration. These will give a great look to your home in this Christmas. If you want you can visit this site. It contains a large collection of these items.

    Christmas Collectables
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